Seahorse Cafe & Gallery Telegraph Cove, BC

Lana & Freya

Folk fest in Centennial Square, Victoria, BC, 2003

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Symphony Splash, Victoria, BC, 2003ble-click here to add your own text.

Original Seahorse Cafe building bought in spring of 2004, Telegraph Cove, BC

Seahorse Cafe & Gallery 2006

Seahorse Cafe & Gallery 2007

Seahorse Cafe & gallery 2008

Gallery building built in 2010

Patio set-up 2017

Patio in the fall of 2019 after removing everything

The North Island Eagle article was published on September 13, 2019 2020

Seahorse cafe History

The history of the Seahorse Café & Gallery starts with the Java Jockey. We owned and operated this coffee concession 2003 - 2004 in the Victoria area. When we first stumbled upon the opportunity to open a business in Telegraph Cove, the plan was to bring the Java Jockey. The Java Jockey had a past as a horse-rescue trailer. The new café was to be by the Sea. The name, Seahorse Café, was born.

The Java Jockey did not make it to Telegraph Cove but the idea for the name did. We purchased an existing building and restored it. The Seahorse Café & Gallery opened in June 2004!

We opened with a limited menu and focused on fair, trade espresso coffee from Level Ground Coffee company.

As our popularity grew, we added more and more food items to our menu.

A growing menu meant that we needed an expanded work space. We added a back space to the cafe, a front bar, bbq space and also filled up the patio space with gazebos, play area, tables and plants.

The idea was to create a pleasant space with a relaxed vibe.

The Gallery was built during the spring of 2010 and opened in July 2010.

Every summer we got busier and busier with tourist and locals. The salmon burger, the home cut fries, the bison burger and eventually the fish tacos became our all-around favorites along with breakfast items like our crepes and burritos.

In September 2019 we were asked to clear out from the space we had built up and been calling the Seahorse Patio. The new owners of Telegraph Cove Marina did not offer us a contract extension.

The Seahorse Cafe & Gallery Facebook page blew up on September 6, 2019 when we announced that we were not offered a contract extension. The September 6 post reached more than 10.000 people, with 164 comments, all supporting the Seahorse and wishing for us to set up somewhere else on Northern Vancouver island. Local paper, the North Island Eagle published a 2 page article on September 13.

We thank our customers and friend of Seahorse for 16 great years in Telegraph Cove.

We aim to reopen 2021.

We are looking into options on the North Island to relocate the Seahorse Cafe. After the outpouring of support that was shown in in the fall of 2019, we felt strongly that this is not how the Seahorse saga should end. Stay tune for updates!

Lana and Freya in 2003