Seahorse Cabin Camp aims to provide a back to nature experience with the comforts of cabin life. The cabins are off the grid and will harness solar power and use rain collecting barrells for water needs. Leave the city behind and experience the beauty of self-sustainable living! All tours and activities in Telegraph Cove are within walking distance from the cabin camp. The cabins will be restored and updated during the spring of 2020. Our ambition is to take bookings for the Seahorse Cabins, Telegraph Cove, from July 1st to end of September. The Seahorse Cabin Camp comes out of a collaboration between Markus Edstrom (Seahorse Cafe) and Wesley Gibson and his newly founded At the Water's Edge Adventures. Wesley and Markus has spent a combined +25 years, off the grid while working  seasonally in Telegraph Cove.

In April 2020 we decided to sell our part of the project to At the Water's Edge Adventures. We wish our friend, Wes, the best of luck with this exciting project!!

Little Bauza Cove in October 2019. Cabins and Camp will be restored and upgraded in spring of 2020

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Contact Information

Markus & Lana Edstrom        Seahorse Café & Gallery, Box 1-9 Telegraph Cove, BC  V0N 3J0  CANADA


Telephone: (250)230-3150